Our story

Isaac Giesen has now become the first New Zealander to row the Atlantic solo and also the first New Zealander to row two oceans in one year which was a total of 143 days at sea.

Isaac did theses rows in honour for the lose of his Aunty and two mates to suicide.

He is now wanting to go around all of New Zealand talking and telling his story and making it more real but bringing his boat ‘Bonnie Lass’ to inspire follow Kiwis and to also help lower the suicide rate in New Zealand.

Isaac is talking to fellow Kiwis about his trip, positive mental health and 8 key points that have helped him on his journey so far in life.

The message and the key points are very relatable to all no matter what stage you are in life.

Get in touch if you are interested in getting Isaac to come and speak and hear some interesting and fun stories!


Isaac is available to speak at schools, events, charities and more.

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