Shout Outs

Isaac wants to give big thanks to a few organisations who have provided invaluable support in the lead-up to the event.

Apollo Power Yoga – Christchurch

Flexibility, breathing, and calmness of mind. These guys really helped Isaac with improving training techniques and getting him mentally prepared for this mammoth challenge. He’s even learnt a few poses he can do on the boat!


Team Keane Sculling School- London

In early 2017, while looking for somewhere to start his rowing training, Isaac was laughed at and mocked by six rowing clubs.

Team Keane did the opposite. They taught Isaac the basics of rowing, and will continue to be part of his preparations and training leading up to the Atlantic Challenge. A great bunch of people with a big smiles on their faces.


CSI Gym – Christchurch

Isaac has been Olympic weight lifting and training here since he was 15. In that time he has learned about training mentally, physically and spiritually.

Coach and owner, Lee, is a legend who always has a positive outlook. He lifts pretty good for an old boy, even though he has a fake hip.

CSI is a place that makes people feel welcome, no matter their size or imperfections.