Testimonies for corporates

Francis Fitzgerald
CEO of Partners Finance & Lease

“Isaac’s speech and presentation at our recent client function was, fascinating, inspiring, unique and, most importantly, from the heart. We have had many customers call to thanks us and say they thoroughly enjoyed it. Having the boat there was a real drawcard that drew everyone in and got them engaged with the topic.”

Steve Kennedy
Director of EQ Consultants

“We were fortunate to be joined by Isaac Giesen, aka The Blue Rower, at our recent event to raise awareness of mental health. Isaac’s ability to captivate the audience through his passion and participation was excellent from the outset. His incredible story and key points left everyone in awe. Thanks, Isaac for a great evening

Jeremy Nurse
Managing Trustee – 180 Degrees Trust

Thank you for your time last week addressing the young people here at 180 Degrees. As you know, our students struggle with education, self-esteem, self-control and often have little support from family and friends. It was inspirational for them to hear you recount your journey rowing singlehandedly for 70 days across the Atlantic. They heard of the way you kept your spirits up, handled moments of self-doubt but most of all had faith in your ability to complete a project. At a time when teenagers are bombarded with fears of climate change, global warming and a crowded planet it was great to hear some positivity.

They also heard how you have a regime of punctuality, personal hygiene and high moral values. These are the hallmarks of success which we strive to convey to the teenagers with whom we work. Your story was a working example.

And of course to actually see your boat really brought the reality of your feat home to us all.

Thank you again for a very stimulating address.

Nāku noa, nā
Pathways Trust

The Men in the unit were really appreciative. They were both inspired and really curious about the whole idea, especially the detail of his journey (and emotional journey), The challenges and concepts that Isaac presented and the steps he used to overcome these……were very applicable to any ambitious journey, but also to life in general, especially regarding facing any challenges (including emotionally dark and difficult ones).

His desire to promote suicide prevention and talk about the things that Men in Aotearoa have generally been taught to hide from or sweep under the carpet (like deppression or vulnerability) made a real and positive impact with the men in the unit and the appreciation communicated during and after his visit highlighted that his journey and message had been inspirational and highly appreciated.

On behalf of all the men in the Navigate Initiative we wish him all the very best for his future ambitions, both with adventuring, and with promoting the important messages of supporting Mental Health Improvement and Promoting Suicide Prevention Awareness.